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The Days of Bank Savings Accounts Are Gone. What Now?

Saving money in the 21st century has become a great deal more challenging than it was in the 20th century. I can remember the days when you opened a savings account, received a decent interest rate and a gift like a toaster or a TV. Those days have long gone and can only be revived through the storytelling of the senior members of this generation.

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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Fine Wine

Is it really possible to turn wine into gold? What are the benefits of buying wine as an investment strategy? As I started to research the pro and cons of purchasing wine as an investment, I immediately noticed that there are a lot of apps and websites available with helpful information to assist you on this venture.

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A Look under the Hood at Classic Car Buying as an Investment

Buying Classic Cars has been suggested by some as an alternative investment strategy. For me, every car I've ever bought lost value the minute I drove it out of the showroom.

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Why Is Amazon Investing $5 Billion in India? Here Are Some Clues…

Reading through the  headlines today, I noticed another major infusion of capital in India. Which gave me some food for thought.

In a report published by the BBC, Amazon (AMZN) recently announced it would invest an additional US $3 billion in India, on top of the $2 billion it announced in 2014. Did I read that right?  Amazon recently announced it would invest an additional $3 billion in India, on top of the $2 billion it announced in 2014.

That's a $5 billion investment from AMZN to India.

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