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The Investment Metric That Outperforms All Others

What is the most important metric tied to stock performance?

This is the question I get asked more than any other. People want the silver bullet - that one secret indicator that outperforms all others.

Well, I have the answer.

The complexity of the investment field has made it difficult to determine a “right” answer to this question. Benjamin Graham’s exploration in ‘The Intelligent Investor’ was the first work to provide convincing answers. But the 80 years following the book’s release have seen thousands of ever more complex theories and models all trying to answer this same inherent question. From the Nifty Fifty to the Dogs of the Dow to The Little Book That Beats the Market, it seems like everyone has tried to offer a simple solution that at least temporarily outperforms.

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Buy Real Estate, Just Don't not Dont Live In It

I don't believe in home ownership.

I think it's too expensive. Property taxes, insurance, maintenance, renovations - it all adds up.

I'm happy being a renter. I can have anything fixed with a single phone call to my landlord. I don't even break a sweat.

The truth is, I am not against owning real estate...as long as you don't live in it.

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13 Alternatives to the Stock Market

The stock market is not the only way to invest.

Personally, I love stocks. Where else can you buy and sell businesses in three seconds for $7.95?

But some people don't. And that's perfectly fine. There are a number of alternatives to the stock market for those who wish to take the road less traveled.

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The Best Investment You have Never Heard Of

Too many investors put all of their aspirations of wealth, along with their hard-earned money, into the stock market. But stocks should only be one component of your financial empire. Other proven techniques should be equally employed to grow one's net worth. Today these are referred to as "alternative investments" but most are far simpler than investing in publicly traded companies. I am about to share with you one of my favorites - one that has consistently beaten stocks and bonds over the past 30 years.

Timberland is a wonderful cash-producing asset for several reasons.

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