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SpaceX Reduces the Cost of Space Travel

SpaceX recorded another first, successfully relaunching a used 1st stage of their Falcon 9 rocket. This historic event occurred on April 8th of 2017. What is so noteworthy about this event is that it enabled SpaceX to offer discounted fees for those who wanted to use SpaceX to send their latest technologies orbiting around the globe with a used rocket versus a new one.

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Marijuana Stocks Holding Steady in Spite of Federal Policy Concerns

Has the newly elected Executive branch of the US government taken some of the steam out of America's budding new marijuana industry? There are many reports that state legislators are scrambling to enact laws to protect themselves and their new found revenue from marijuana sales from federal seizures, especially if the current federal laws on the books are enforced.

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Transforming Your Talents into an Online Business

One of the most overlooked Alternative Investments is YOU! Some Personal Hobbies can be profitable. Today many of us need to find ways to monetize our skills and talents, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find you can actually earn money from the things you already love doing.

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Investing In Gemstones for Long-Term Gains

Buying gems or buying jewelry, which is the better investment? I've seen the movie Blood Diamond and have always thought that possessing a gemstone of high quality should be a good investment. As I started researching the merits and drawbacks to purchasing gems and jewelry as an investment I quickly realized, just like the movie, the best opportunity to be rich would come if I found a gem of great value.

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