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Looking for Investment Opportunities? Follow the Big Money.

While I'm cruising through the financial news looking for opportunities to make a nice trade, one of the first things I investigate are the stocks that the multi billionaires are buying (or selling). They, the multi billionaires, have the financial muscle to drive a stock to higher levels, and I am always looking for a ticket to go along for the ride.

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Growing Trees as an Alternative Investment

I've always liked the catch phrase from the the film 'Field Of Dreams,' "If you build it they will come." What I was able to discover is that if you plant them money will come, and you can truly create your own personal Field of Dreams.

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Lithium as an Investment Opportunity

Lithium has become one of the hottest new commodities in the marketplace. Even though Lithium is number 3 on the periodic table of chemical elements and has all the characteristics of a commodity, purchases of lithium do not occur on any exchange. Its pricing and trading are based totally on supply and demand.

What does that mean?

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How to Invest in Space Exploration

An alternative investment for investors in our present age can be defined as an investment that can hopefully maintain or gain value despite the economic and political climate. I found two industries that have the potential to meet this requirement, space exploration and communication networks.

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