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These Three Moves Can Drive You Broke Fast

Last weekend, my wife and I got VIP invitations to come to Orlando and see Comedian of the Year Sebastian Maniscalco of Showtime's hit stand-up special, "Why Would You Do That?"

I think he's arguably the best in the business right now, and we loved the show, but I'm not here to write a comedy review - I'm here to show you how to make and keep money in the stock market.

But the thing is, Maniscalco's sharp routine relates directly to what I'm going to show you today...

...because there are some really bad choices investors make that would leave anyone asking, "Why would you do that?"

Here's what I mean...

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Investing in Gold as a Hedge in Uncertain Economic Times

One of the oldest known alternatives to cash or a currency is gold. In our modern age, ownership of gold has become complicated. It is extremely important to stay abreast of what's going on in India, monitoring how they have removed cash from their economy, and forced us all to seek alternatives to cash in order to purchase goods and services, and maintain the wealth one has accumulated in a lifetime.

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Postage Stamps as an Investment

You may never have thought of postage stamps as being an instrument of finance, but rare postage stamps can have considerable value and are traded quite frequently within their own marketplace sometimes for massive amounts of money.

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Investing Beyond Your Borders

The Mother of all bombs has been deployed and her target identified and consumed. The keepers of the father of all bombs have issued threats that they will take the leash off this superior weapon, unleashing its fury on its enemy.


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