Nevada Just Declared a State of Weed Emergency

Just 10 days after Nevada legalized recreational marijuana, the state has hit a major roadblock.

Nevada's governor has declared a "state of weed emergency" for recreational marijuana regulations after the state's tax authority declared that many stores are running out of legal weed.

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Marijuana Stocks Getting a Boost from Virtual Reality

One secretive virtual reality (VR) company will soon revolutionize how marijuana dispensaries operate.

The startup is currently developing an augmented reality (AR) headset that would allow medical marijuana patients to "touch" a marijuana bud without ever having to leave their couch.

Already, cannabis sales in North America are expected to increase 198%, from $6.7 billion in 2016, to over $20 billion by 2020.

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Investing in Gold as a Hedge in Uncertain Economic Times

One of the oldest known alternatives to cash or a currency is gold. In our modern age, ownership of gold has become complicated. It is extremely important to stay abreast of what's going on in India, monitoring how they have removed cash from their economy, and forced us all to seek alternatives to cash in order to purchase goods and services, and maintain the wealth one has accumulated in a lifetime.

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Postage Stamps as an Investment

You may never have thought of postage stamps as being an instrument of finance, but rare postage stamps can have considerable value and are traded quite frequently within their own marketplace sometimes for massive amounts of money.

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Investing Beyond Your Borders

The Mother of all bombs has been deployed and her target identified and consumed. The keepers of the father of all bombs have issued threats that they will take the leash off this superior weapon, unleashing its fury on its enemy.


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Marijuana Stocks Holding Steady in Spite of Federal Policy Concerns

Has the newly elected Executive branch of the US government taken some of the steam out of America's budding new marijuana industry? There are many reports that state legislators are scrambling to enact laws to protect themselves and their new found revenue from marijuana sales from federal seizures, especially if the current federal laws on the books are enforced.

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Transforming Your Talents into an Online Business

One of the most overlooked Alternative Investments is YOU! Some Personal Hobbies can be profitable. Today many of us need to find ways to monetize our skills and talents, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find you can actually earn money from the things you already love doing.

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Investing In Gemstones for Long-Term Gains

Buying gems or buying jewelry, which is the better investment? I've seen the movie Blood Diamond and have always thought that possessing a gemstone of high quality should be a good investment. As I started researching the merits and drawbacks to purchasing gems and jewelry as an investment I quickly realized, just like the movie, the best opportunity to be rich would come if I found a gem of great value.

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Purchasing Antiques as an Investment

Is there anything attractive about the purchase and sale of used furniture from an investment perspective? When I say used furniture I'm referring to items described as antiques. While antiques are really nothing else but used furniture, many items have appreciated in value since the time they were originally crafted. That increase in value over time is definitely something worth investigating as a potential investment vehicle.

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