Nevada Just Declared a State of Weed Emergency

Just 10 days after Nevada legalized recreational marijuana, the state has hit a major roadblock.

Nevada's governor has declared a "state of weed emergency" for recreational marijuana regulations after the state's tax authority declared that many stores are running out of legal weed.

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Growing Trees as an Alternative Investment

I've always liked the catch phrase from the the film 'Field Of Dreams,' "If you build it they will come." What I was able to discover is that if you plant them money will come, and you can truly create your own personal Field of Dreams.

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Lithium as an Investment Opportunity

Lithium has become one of the hottest new commodities in the marketplace. Even though Lithium is number 3 on the periodic table of chemical elements and has all the characteristics of a commodity, purchases of lithium do not occur on any exchange. Its pricing and trading are based totally on supply and demand.

What does that mean?

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How to Invest in Space Exploration

An alternative investment for investors in our present age can be defined as an investment that can hopefully maintain or gain value despite the economic and political climate. I found two industries that have the potential to meet this requirement, space exploration and communication networks.

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Investing in a Global Economy

A global economy is becoming more of a reality each day. As the internet expands exponentially and language becomes less of a barrier in negotiations, we now have the ability to be involved in businesses all over the globe. How can you put yourself in a position to take advantage of this phenomenon taking place before our very eyes?

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What You Need to Know About Peer-To-Peer Lending

What is Peer to Peer Lending? Is it legal? Is this service reliable? How are these on line entities able to lend money and offer rates that are more attractive than traditional financial institutions, for the lender and the borrower? And most important, how can we get involved?

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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Fine Wine

Is it really possible to turn wine into gold? What are the benefits of buying wine as an investment strategy? As I started to research the pro and cons of purchasing wine as an investment, I immediately noticed that there are a lot of apps and websites available with helpful information to assist you on this venture.

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A Look under the Hood at Classic Car Buying as an Investment

Buying Classic Cars has been suggested by some as an alternative investment strategy. For me, every car I've ever bought lost value the minute I drove it out of the showroom.

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Why Is Amazon Investing $5 Billion in India? Here Are Some Clues…

Reading through the  headlines today, I noticed another major infusion of capital in India. Which gave me some food for thought.

In a report published by the BBC, Amazon (AMZN) recently announced it would invest an additional US $3 billion in India, on top of the $2 billion it announced in 2014. Did I read that right?  Amazon recently announced it would invest an additional $3 billion in India, on top of the $2 billion it announced in 2014.

That's a $5 billion investment from AMZN to India.

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