Transforming Your Talents into an Online Business

One of the most overlooked Alternative Investments is YOU! Some Personal Hobbies can be profitable. Today many of us need to find ways to monetize our skills and talents, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find you can actually earn money from the things you already love doing.

The internet has opened up so many avenues to find people with similar interests, as well as opening up virtual stores. Like in all areas of business, if you develop your skills and produce a quality product, a buyer for your goods will emerge. The advantage that hobbyists have today is the internet. In the days past when we had lemonade stands, even if you made the best lemonade in town you had to wait for someone to walk past your stand and taste it and hopefully tell someone else, and then hopefully wait for that process to repeat itself. Today there are websites that provide virtual stores and databases to connect you with all the lemonade lovers in their database with the click of a link.

Shopify (SHOP) has found a way to monetize starting a new business quickly and simply. Starting a business has become less expensive and more open through Shopify. The company helps those fledgling entrepreneurs find their way into the business world at an extremely low cost.

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Traditional shops have “physical storefronts.” One can see some of the retailers products in the window, and possibly even go inside. Selling things across the Internet is quite different indeed. It is highly improbable that anyone will bumble onto the web site of a newly formed business, just because of the sheer millions of websites out there. The digital pathways are very complicated, and Shopify has found a way to make sense of them. SHOP pools together all the places that companies can sell their merchandise simultaneously offering that firm or individual a real-time understanding of how their business is doing. This helps companies maximize the chances of someone entering their “digital storefronts,” regardless of whether they came through social media or a Google search. The business owners simply open their Shopify accounts and all their data is displayed neatly in one place.

If you or someone you know has an affinity to textiles and has creative talent handling fabrics, the internet allows you to discover the potential of of your creations at a low cost. is a fine example of how one woman who loved making hair ribbons, in the process created an extremely profitable and interesting business for herself.


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A business where she can fulfill her true passion for her creations and profit from her willingness to explore the commercial aspect of her hobby. I'm not touting these websites to our readers, I'm using them as examples to demonstrate how the internet has facilitated those with an entrepreneurial spirit, a means to offer their skills and talents to the world and not just the people that are in earshot of your calls to buy ice cold lemonade.

The demand for people with time and talent may be much larger than you think. My research on this subject opened my eyes to many areas where interest and talent can be monetized. Examples include creating and editing video footage, or if your love for fitness and exercise runneth over there are many opportunities for personal trainers and coaches if you just take time to Google. Opportunities literally lie just a click away. I'm not going to list all the activities we consider hobbies.

What I would like to focus on is the fact that YOU know what you like to do. There are tools available on the internet that can help you develop your skills and possibly make them profitable. Life experience has value and those that have experiences, wisdom, and creativity to share, have to adapt to the new way of doing business. The days of knocking on doors and walking miles of pavement have transformed into a modern global arena of bits and bytes that can come right to your hand through your smartphone with detailed images and descriptions of your product or skillset. We all need to be constantly exploring ways to utilize this new tool for the benefit of ourselves and the loved ones we love sharing our triumphs with.