Investing Beyond Your Borders

The Mother of all bombs has been deployed and her target identified and consumed. The keepers of the father of all bombs have issued threats that they will take the leash off this superior weapon, unleashing its fury on its enemy.

The description alone of these armaments rattles my nerves. How is it possible to protect your assets from the terror that the keepers of these beasts wield, or the retaliation that may occur in the aftermath of their deployment? Can insurance be purchased on your life savings? There must be a way to insulate yourself from a national, or global catastrophe besides burying your head in the sand and hoping everything passes you by and leaves you unscathed.


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History is a resource that can aid us all in finding clues on how to economically survive financial and political upheavals. There are some prominent families from Europe that have been able to accomplish this, and looking into how they did it will be useful for us today. The families I am looking at in particular are simply the names we know and probably paid little attention to when sitting in history class in high school, the Rothschilds and the Lafayettes.

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We can go back to the time of America's war of Independance from England and see that representatives of these two families, whose wealth was established in Europe, were very much involved in America gaining its freedom from England and European domination. They were also very concerned with maintaining the value of their holdings within Europe during and after America's battle with England for independence. Quite simply, they played on both sides of the fence. What I would like to key in on is that they had interests outside of the nation where they lived, international interests, using today's terminology, global interests.

Here is where you and I as investors have an opportunity to maintain our wealth as well. Moving outside of national investing is key to surviving financial and political disruptions. We may not have the resources of the Lafayettes, whose descendants are now part of the Royal Family of Belgium, but today we have access to the international market place. And it is imperative to use that access as best as we can as a safety net for our hard earned savings.

Ask yourself these questions, if the dollar collapses will Samsung still sell Smartphones, will BMW stop manufacturing automobiles, will Bayer stop making and selling aspirin, will satellite communication cease on a global scale because the US dollar is no more? The answer I have for all of these questions is an emphatic No!!!

Where do you start on your international investment strategy? Stock exchange indexes will give you the names of the leading firms trading on the busiest exchanges. Indexes similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 are available to be researched from China, Germany, Australia, and Thailand, just to name a few . Looking into these Indexes will reveal the international counterparts of the dominant industry leaders of America. Such as Tencent Holdings Ltd., considered to be the Chinese equivalent to Alphabet Inc, is listed in the HANG SENG  Stock Index of China. The company has been doing very well, the stock has shown tremendous growth and with today's global machine you and I are able to purchase a stake in this company through a stock purchase.  


Tencent Holdings Ltd / Currency in HKD

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Protecting your wealth in the 21st century means you have to expand your horizons and look for opportunities beyond your borders. Becoming an international investor is one strategy that has been proven successful. That's exactly what the 'Big Boys' from the Lafayettes and the Rothschilds have done, and with the transparency available to us today in global markets it's something you and I can do as well.Granted we might not have the resources to dictate the future of any nation, but we can be involved in the top industries on both sides of the fence.