What You Need to Know About Defense ETFs

They’re some of the hottest trades on the market.

Nearly every defense ETF Exploded higher after Trump inked a weapons deal with the Saudis worth nearly $350 billion over the next 10 years.  Nearly every one ran even higher after Donald Trump asked for approval on a $668 billion defense budget, too.

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More Dominations

Investing in Information Service Companies

Information is what drives markets. Having access to good information will assist you tremendously in your pursuit of sound investments that can enable you to maintain and accumulate wealth throughout your lifetime. How do you discern which information sources are most helpful to facilitating financial investments? The answer to that question is the crux of our discussion today.

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Slumping Oil Prices Lead to New Opportunities

The conventional thinking is that reducing oil production will bring oil prices up. That is what I have read for months and months from the most renowned analysts from some of the most prestigious firms. This is the action necessary to help oil futures get back to the great levels of yesteryear, where Brent Crude futures were at least trading in the high US $60 range sometimes peaking over $110.

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SpaceX Reduces the Cost of Space Travel

SpaceX recorded another first, successfully relaunching a used 1st stage of their Falcon 9 rocket. This historic event occurred on April 8th of 2017. What is so noteworthy about this event is that it enabled SpaceX to offer discounted fees for those who wanted to use SpaceX to send their latest technologies orbiting around the globe with a used rocket versus a new one.

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This Canadian Oil Sands Stock Could Soar Thanks to a Revolutionary Breakthrough

The Canadian oil sands could be one of the most lucrative oil plays in the world. There's an estimated 315 billion barrels of oil in the oil sands in Alberta, which means Canada has the third-largest oil reserves in the world. But even though there's a ton of oil there, it costs so much to produce that most companies can't make a profit with oil futures trading at $52.79 a barrel.

That's about to change for one company...


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A Presidential Attempt to Revive the Coal Industry

When President Trump stated that he wanted to implement policies with his executive powers to stimulate an industry sector in America, as of late it has been well worth the time to get involved with whatever industry the President plans to stimulate. The Coal mining industry has been in the sights of President Trump, and because of the recent financial gains in the steel industry and pharmaceuticals after similar statements, it warrants taking a look into coal.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

A Bull Run Like No Other. From the time President Trump was able to formally announce his victory over Hillary Clinton and become the current President of The United States Of America, the stock market has been recording gains that haven't been seen in almost a decade. Granted that upon the election of former President Obama the stock market did record gains over his eight year reign, as well as recovering from the worst financial crisis of our modern era. This current bull market is stronger than anything recorded during Obama's Presidency.

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Looking for Investment Opportunities? Follow the Big Money.

While I'm cruising through the financial news looking for opportunities to make a nice trade, one of the first things I investigate are the stocks that the multi billionaires are buying (or selling). They, the multi billionaires, have the financial muscle to drive a stock to higher levels, and I am always looking for a ticket to go along for the ride.

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The Rise of Virtual Reality Technology

I was walking through the mall with my daughter and her cousin and on that particular day they pleaded with me to let them ride the virtual roller coaster. It was a cabin fitted to a mechanism that moved up, down, forwards, and backwards to simulate the pull of gravity while you sat in the cabin. It seemed harmless enough, the price tag for the 3 of us was about US $35 for about 5 minutes of thrills, I thought that was a  little expensive for 5 minutes, but to see the children light up when I gave in to their request was worth it.

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